Alain Aisenberg CEO

After a course of more than 12 years as founder and CEO of an industrial optical mass storage system integration company, Alain Aisenberg directed himself towards the mobile telephony emerging market to create by the end of the 90’s, Unitec Corporation, an R&D company involved in wireless telecom technologies associated with an extensive Intellectual Property portfolio and more recently, SmartFon LLC an entity specialized in mobile innovation and industrial design.

Thanks to one of its patents he was able to create Phone1 (OTC: PHGW) which became a publicly traded company in a few months and 1st US payphone operator in less than one year. As Vice President and shareholder, he raised the necessary funds for the inception and success with a group of investors which includes Mr. George Soros.

With more than 10 years of design for the mobile telephony industry, Alain Aisenberg has multiplied the creation of innovating technologies in the fields of mobile terminals and accessories, VoIP terminals, user interfaces and processes, SIM cards, DVB-DMB, mobile services, telecommunications and networks of whose a large majority was patented and some were introduced into the market, sold or licensed to manufacturers or cellular operators.

During these years, Alain Aisenberg acquired unique and diversified challenges which include: Entrepreneur, VP of a public telco, independent inventor and innovator, both in the USA and in Europe.

Since 2005, he is working on the creation of InQub-Eurone, an ICT business smart excubato and investment fund r in the field of the ICT's with an exclusive way of operation and a unique strategy based on its experience, intended to meet the real needs of innovators, improve their Intellectual Property strategy, help the development and valuation of projects starting at the conceptual level and accelerate their introduction to the market.

 Alain Aisenberg Biography
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