SmartFon - mobile innovations 

Involved in mobile innovations, SmartFon was formed to identify, develop, patent and market high impact, user-centric and innovative wireless mobile products and technologies with 4 objectives:
Create the most attractive and innovative mobile breakthroughs.
Answer the market expectations by creating concepts accessible by the largest number of users.
Bring a strategic value to our concepts by filling patents in all industrialized countries.
Secure any competition by expanding, maintaining and enforcing our intellectual property portfolio.

SmartFon isn't just working on solutions for what the market needs now; we're working on solutions for what the market needs next.

SmartFon is divided in 2 sections:
SmartFon R&D specialized in the technological development of mobile products.
SmartFon Design specialized in the industrial design of mobile products.

The founders of SmartFon have been working together in the field of mobile telecommunication technologies since the beginning of the compact cellular mobile phone in the early 80's, which provides a strong expertise in the implementation of innovative developments. SmartFon's products has already met with tremendous professionals acceptance and have positioned our expertise as one of the most accurate available in the market today.

Since 2000, SmartFon worked on implementing innovative and efficient technologies into advanced concepts to meet the request of a fast changing and dynamic market demand and offer exclusive solutions for companies competing in rapidly changing marketplaces. By improving the actual mobile technologies and create the next one, SmartFon is able to invent the right answer for the current and future mobile phone users needs and expectations.

SmartFon binds expertise and competence to offer solutions in the fields of application such as:
Mobile terminals and accessories.
Dedicated specific groups terminals and mobile on demand.
Mobile technology, concepts and design.
User interfaces, software and processes.
VoIP terminals and peripheral (VoWLAN).
DVB-H/T projects developments.
SIM cards.
Telecommunications services, offers and networks.
Industrial design.

Consumers in the mobile market face an ever–increasing choice of terminals and operator services. A major barrier to consumer adoption of new services and multimedia has been the absence of handsets which are capable of delivering what the consumers are exactly waiting for with an easy to use. As a result, the need for handset manufacturers and network operators to deliver compelling user experiences that differentiate their products from those of their competitors is greater than ever. SmartFon concepts fuses functionalities with design. and our creativity will allow us
to serve them and significantly improve our presence.
SmartFon developed many innovating projects, concepts and products which for the majority were the subject of patent fillings in the USA, Europe or other countries to constitutes an extended portfolio. SmartFon was the far advanced in creating attractive patented concepts and has been the first to demonstrate developments which today are familiar:
The mobile phone plug-in call conference speakerphone.
The desktop charger w/ computer connection for contacts synchronization.
The desktop charger w/ caller ID & speakerphone.
The Bluetooth desktop speakerphone.
The simplified mobile phone for children w/ pre-programmed keys & geo-localization.
The identification system using codebars on mobile display.
The dedicated terminal for seniors and many others...

Several of our patents were sold or licensed to prestigious publicly traded telecom, mobile or computing companies. Thanks to our technologies, these companies gains an important market share or annihilate the competition (i. e. Phone 1, became the 1st US payphone operator in less than a year).

Recently, a major computer manufacturer purchased one of our patent, planed to be integrated in the next notebooks generation and already announced as one of the major computers innovation since the mouse invention.