SmartFon is the evolution of mobility. Throughout history, man has developed ways to move quicker and easier.
With the advent of telecommunications, people were able to move virtually for the first time. Telecommunications has now evolved to wireless devices, adding a new dimension to mobility and enabling people to have real time personal interactions anywhere. InQub continues this evolution, allowing people to have a personal impact on businesses who can affect change and to impact and bring together people across borders, continents, generations and cultures. The evolution of mobility has already begun and is rapidly expanding as more than a billion people use mobile devices in more than 180 countries. This is a logical step to capture some of the fast moving start-up opportunities.

Our mission is to enable people and businesses to take full advantage of features and functions of mobile phones in a simple, intuitive and fun way.
We accomplish our mission by watching closely the market and the users on a global basis, understanding their needs and requirements to ensure that the best possible product will be delivered.

SmartFon’s engineering expertise and skill base is at the heart of our capacity to deliver reliable and profitable projects. But we don’t just offer knowledge, we offer the benefits of hard–won experience gained through key involvement in major product delivery programs.

SmartFon is committed to continuing its investment in research and development for the benefit of the users.
We drive innovation from the functions, design, shape and user interface, and create value by designing and implementing smart ideas in real–world contexts for smart businesses. We pledge to continue to create innovative, useful products and technologies that empower the entire development ecosystem to raise the game even further.

As mobile matures, marketers seek consumer affinities.
Age, income, gender and location are among the familiar elements of demographic-based marketing across industries and, to an extent, the wireless industry has embraced the basics. One-touch dialing for pre-teens and seniors, feature-loaded, expensive gadgets for early adopters, pink handset for women, satellite phones for remote field workers all are based on different facets of this simple concept. “My mom doesn’t care if her phone is cool or have a MP3 player, she just wants a phone that works”
As the mobile industry matures, however, it may follow other mature industries that have evolved the concept of demographic-based marketing to the more granular approach of targeting “affinity groups” or specific users. SmartFon is involved in this direction. Create mobile devices that are adapted for users, not the contrary…

Only by exploring new frontiers and seeking new challenges are we able to lead the way and maintain a competitive advantage. As our name implies, innovation is at the heart of what we do!

Our philosophy:
Unlike techno-savvy user's goal, the average users' goal is not to fit as much as possible technology into devices that they may regularly use.
They are looking for a functional device that permits a personalized day by day usage.

New products are coming with unbelievable features and miniaturization but users fail to understand and adapt themselves to each device that comes in this very competitive market.
The technology evolves so quickly that users hesitate to jump to the next device generation, just because they consider that they are not going to use each feature.

By creating the best answer and the most desirable products to the mobile users demand, we are targeting the actual market but also "invent" new market segments. Our philosophy is to be involved in creating products just adapted for market and people.

Our mission:

Provide the best answer to the current market, create the next one and invent what the users are waiting for... Something made for them

We want our products to inspire, not just to work or satisfy, but to share our vision with every customer.
User friendly, usability and desirable design is our main vision.
As an R&D company that designs high-innovative concepts, SmartFon's vision enables many new ways for the actual and future mobile markets. That's why we create just the way we see. We create for these who can sense the idea behind our products.

Though our products are functional, when you look at any of them you understand a unique design and a piece of our vision, you get the design inspired by the life itself.

We predicted the mobile on demand, the fashion phones, the music phone many years ago. The recent past shows that our vision was accurate. We anticipated many products that many of us, now, are using every day. Among those, the first plug-in speakerphone, desktop charger connected to a computer for contacts synchronization, desktop charger with caller ID and speakerphone for conference calls, Bluetooth desktop speakerphone, simplified mobile phone for children with pre-programmed keys and geolocalization, dedicated terminal for seniors, gamepad for mobile phone and many others...
We will continue to look at the market expectations and imagine what can be the next best innovation.


The emergence of new mobile handhelds technologies and applications offers great perspectives for the industry to enable new features and services on all kinds of devices ranging from handsets to any type of imaginable accessories. Because the manufacturing cost of a mobile phone droped significantly anything is possible... Create the most adapted, flexible, desirable user-centric mobile devices.
Today and tomorrow, SmartFon is offering a wide range of specialized solutions for each of these markets.
We will focus on what the market is going to fall in love with and our objective is to supply the best answer. Using this objective, we are focusing to become one of the most creative reference in the mobile industry.