Investment Opportunities

We are seeking for investors and help them to create profits.
We want our projects to be successful on the market and we are more than happy to consider any way to improve or accelerate our impact. Many of our projects has been already introduced into the market and represent a success for several clents and companies.
We have an extensive catalog of very high potential projects able to rapidly generate large amount of profits.

We can consider any request from investors, VC's, Business-Angels or any potential partnerships with a technical or commercial market actor to accelerate the commercialization of our projects.

Smartfon is offering 2 possibilities:


   Invest on 1 (or several) Concepts and Patents

High impact, performant and individualized return on investment.

Large choice of innovative selected and diversified projects.
Each project is validated by a complete expertise and able to receive governemental incentives.
Projects with high potential and created for mass markets.
Real time tracking of the pyramid of valorization.
Reduction of the risks by sharing investment with additional investors.

Possibilities to redirect a project to an existing company (partnership) at an early-stage.
Investor can participate to the financial and marketing strategy of the project.

    Invest on SmartFon

A performant, diversified and safe return on investment.

Globalized platform that produces innovation in the mobile market.
Strong short-term capacity of development and market presence.
Important portfolio of diversified projects = reduced risks.
Performant return on investment based on high potential technological innovations created for mass markets.
Risks detection by the use of our network and parters.

Possibility of investment consolidation with other VC's and Banks.
Possibilities of governmental incentives.

Want to talk business ? Want to invest in SmartFon or in any individual or group of projects ?
Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to do business with you.