SmartFon offers a complete range of valuable services and can contribute and collaborate to the development of any current or future mobile product starting from the conceptual stage or during each phase of the development.
SmartFon is able to help innovators and companies by participating to the creation of a new product, optimizing a current development or improving a finished product.
We are equipped to either work directly with your in-house marketing and engineering departments, or act as a full-service outsource.

The range of valuable services we bring to our clients includes powerful tools to speed up any development process. Our unique insight into the market strategy and our expertise in mobile development helps our clients to obtain the optimal conclusion.

Partner & Consulting in Mobile Innovation
Industrial Design
User Interface
Concept / Product Design / Product Optimization

Mechanical Engineering / Prototypes
Intellectual Property / Patents
Technology Transfer
Technology Survey

   Partner & Consulting in Mobile Innovation


SmartFon has created a unique network of relationships with world-class companies, engineers, developers, experts, R&D centers, patent law firms and attorneys. SmartFon helps creators to finalize a project on an as-needed basis to tap into our experts network for developers who are seeking advice and guidance. SmartFon bring a combination of technical expertise, cultural diversity and cross-generational dynamism.
By leveraging our network, we are able to create partnerships that link powerful start up companies with leading manufacturers and mass-market actors. With these "power-partners", we are creating and developing innovative product concepts to penetrate virtually un-tapped markets. To succeed it is critical to choose the right partners and the right technology. SmartFon offers the best solution to join the most efficient and active forces around a project to become your partner in innovation.

   Industrial Design

SmartFon can help to assist in designing intuitive and desirable new products or increase the value of a current one.
We always put innovation and usability at the center of our design as we aspire to simultaneously both simplify and enrich the mobile experience. Through innovative design, SmartFon encourage the use of advanced mobile features, thus driving increased user adoption.

Investigation & Exploration

Concept sketches / Graphic design.
Human factors / Interaction design.
Architecture / Usability / Diagrams.
Physical / Mechanical design.

Refinement & Development
Refined renderings.
Interface / Cognitive design / Anthropomorphic.
Mechanical and techical development plan.
Usability testing and analysis.
Visual design refinement.

Implementation & Documentation
Color and finish specifications.
Product graphics art.
Bill of material, links to manufacturing.
For over 10 years, our industrial design team have specialized in bestowing emotional appeal on physical products, and bringing beauty to the bottom line. When it comes to design, our goal is to create a product that is simple and fun to use, thus driving demand for the device.

By providing an intuitive approach that can be implemented consistently across a wide range of devices, we can implement the same design spirit on a number of different devices, ensuring consistent branding and user experience across the product range.

   Project / Product Design / Optimization

SmartFon designs fulfill the business needs of creators while appealing to the emotional desires of consumers.
By the consolidation of our industrial design, concept development, mechanical engineering and logistics teams we can create or participate to any innovative solutions for companies competing in rapidly changing marketplaces. We can "invent" products and design it or modify and optimize a current product to reach another level.
Our design process allows us to create impressive, profitable, high quality products quickly and efficiently.
During the critical conceptual design phase, we create a vortex of creative collaboration early with experts input from all disciplines. This early, multidisciplinary collaboration allows us to avoid costly, subsequent pitfalls that are commonly discovered during the review phase of the typical design process.

   Mechanical Engineering / Prototypes

At SmartFon, mechanical engineering is another creative discipline. We rely on our engineers to push design further, resulting in products that are more revolutionary all around. With engineers on our design team, we prove a concept is feasible from the onset, lowering production and manufacturing costs down the road.

After the project has been designed, the next step is to create a prototype for the purpose of usability testing. Ideally the prototype will be created on the target device, allowing for more accurate, real-world findings. The final result can then be used as a living specification – using a prototype to define the user experience is far more accurate than describing it in conventional documentation, as no interpretation of the design is required.

   Intellectual Property / Technology Transfer


SmartFon practices and have extensive experience in Intellectual Property fields in domestic and international patents since more than 10 years. With more than 55 patents filed, SmartFon can help independent inventors and small companies to make their tech/IP evaluation or find clients, transfer their technology, build an better Intellectual Property strategy or simply offer guidelines.
We are working with World Class international Patent law firms in several countries to file patents as:
Utility Patents (US, EPO, PCT), CIP, Patent Segmentation.
Design Patents.
Provisional Patents.

   Technology Survey


SmartFon is continuously conducting technological surveys for its own projects. Based on our experience, we can efficiently conduct technological surveys for any company or client.
We are collaborating with a large network of consultants and experts, technology survey companies and we are tracking new products and market strategies by receiving and analyzing confidential newsletters and experts report each day.
We can conduct a technological survey or a competition analysis concerning a particular project or a global market with projected penetration and market impact.
We are also able to engage a focus group for an accurate analysis at the early stage of a development.

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