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provides a full range of creative services for product development, industrial design,SmartFon offers a complete range of product development services to match your needs. We are equipped to either work directly with your in-house marketing and engineering departments, or act as a full-service outsource.

Our goal is to produce the most beautiful, innovative, and desirable products imaginable. Our design solutions must be appropriate to their function, true to their brand, and invigorate development within their market. It is essential that every solution be cost effective and manufacturable. A product is not truly successful unless these principle are met.

SmartFon incorporates a straightforward approach to product development.
We offer services at every stage of the development cycle, from research and industrial design, to engineering and manufacturing support. We don’t strive to be different than other design firms, we strive to be better.

SmartFon has contributed to the success of clients in a variety of mobile and wireless industries.
Merging innovative design and engineering savvy, SmartFon helps bring products to market that inspire users and build brand loyalty.

Strategic use of design creates value, build brand loyalty, drives innovation and delivers tangible results. We partner with our clients to provide vision and user focused, market driven solutions that are a strategic component of their success.

Our Process:
We meet at the client's convenience to discuss product needs in engineering, design, manufacturing, and administration to define product success factors.
We provide you with a detailed project proposal including tasks, schedule, deliverables, and costs on a phase by phase basis.
During the development process we communicate frequently with the client to discuss the design direction and progress.
The following is an outline of a typical project carried from concept to pre-production prototypes. Your project may vary in extent or type of support needed. We will tailor the process to fit your needs.
The Client's challenge for this cellular phone design was to simultaneously maintain the brand's visual language, break away from a predictable mobile phone design, and create a form that differs by appealing to female users of cell phones.
To meet this challenge, our industrial design team identified signature features that communicate the brand and included them in the new design. They interpreted results from ethnographic research and usability studies, which revealed many female users keep their cell phones in their purse. They used the results to create a design that was compatible with other distinctly female objects, like compacts and other cosmetic items.
We have innovative ideas each day, and we are sure that few of them are in the mist to discover many new potential products.

Properly defined projects goals are vital to the success of the program. We do this by asking the appropriate question. Through market research, competitive analysis, user observation, ergonomic studies, and listening to what our client’s tell us, we are able to position your products to lead the field. We identify segments in the market that have to be filled.

Through brainstorming and collaborative jam-sessions we combine design, marketing, and engineering creativity to generate a full spectrum of ideas. Our design team visualizes and models the most promising concepts and presents a matrix of potential solutions. With our client’s feedback w select the optimal designs for further development and refinement.

Our design team blends the best elements and concepts and merges them into single focused design. Our effort then go into refining your product’s appeals by optimizing functions, aesthetics, and human factors. Engineering works in tandem with our design team to isolate the most advantageous component layouts, investigate potential materials, and explore manufacturing scenarios.

Constructing a three-dimensional database helps to efficiently streamline the design process and aids in all phases of development. Our engineers work in pro/engineer and solidworks to create surface geometry of your product. This method allows us to seamlessly prototype concepts and evaluate component layout, aesthetics, ergonomics, and molding options.

SmartFon offers a complete range of product industrial design services to match your needs. We are equipped to either work directly with your in-house marketing and engineering departments, or act as a full-service outsource.

Product research

Competitive Product Evaluation
Observation of user analysis
Technology application
Reseach visuals/ storyboards
Trend analysis

Ergonomics/Human factor
User/ product interface evaluation
User interface (UI) - See User Interface page

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Recommendations for improved use

Concept development
Configuration studies
New product concept
Presentation models
Enclosure redesign
Styling renditions

Design development
Concept refinement
Contour detail drawings
Study mockups
Appearance models

Design engineering
/Mechanical engineering
Solids models development
Detail part drawings

Prototype development
Prototype fabrication
Multiple part castings

Product branding

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