"IP is the most competitiveness and innovation issue of our time" Jim Balsillie, RIM.
"Find a need and fill it..." Henry Kaiser.
SmartFon is committed to protecting its investment in research and development for the benefit of our customers.
We drive innovation from technical innovation, design, functions and user interface, and create value by incubating, designing and implementing smart ideas in real–world contexts.
In a very competitive world, Intellectual Property is a intangible value, and we are focusing on the valuation of each of our project by an extensive IP strategy. SmartFon's global direction is to expand each patent to the widest field to be sure that we will cover the maximum technological area.

Additionally, Intellectual Property is the best way to add value to a project and be sure that we will succeed when we collaborate with the main actors of the market. Only by exploring new frontiers and filing patents are we able to lead the way and maintain a competitive advantage.
The main part of our business is to consolidate, reinforce and maintain an extensive Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio to lock any future competition.

SmartFon practices and have extensive experience in intellectual property fields in domestic and international patents since more than 10 years. With more than 55 patents filed, SmartFon can help independent inventors and small companies to build an better Intellectual Property strategy or simply to offer guidelines.

Many of our patents were filed with a PCT, in the USA (USPTO), Europe (EPO), France (INPI), Germany (DPMA) and/or others countries. Several general Patents were splitted to create new Patents or filed with CIP (Continuation in Part).
For confidentiality reasons, several Patents that has a secret option and are not listed in the website.

We are working with international world class Patent Law Firms to file patents as:
Utility Patents (US, EPO, PCT), CIP's, Patent Segmentations.
Design Patents.
Provisional Patents.

If you need more information or consulting services in Intellectual Property?
Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to do business with you.